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VICTROLUX ~ Digital Media with Analog Heart

Rotoscope Animation, Graphics & Audio Collage by Victor Ingrassia

My work is a hybrid form of video-animation-art, where meaning emerges from the border between the hand made & the machine made. This wonderful tension between the two is what I enjoy the most. I use digital & analog tools, often in counter-intuitive ways, laboring meticulously at what I like to call “digital monk’s work”, to craft fresh and powerful pieces.

My early explorations in experimental film, hand rotoscoped animation, audio collage, stereoscopic & hand colored photography, have evolved into this hybrid form of animation. Victrolux Productions’ “digital animation with analog heart” has been used in narrative, documentary, music video, dance, theater, corporate, public projection and private projects.

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My work could not exist without the amazing graphic and animation software STUDIO ARTIST 4.0 invented by John Dalton of Synthetik Software. Synthetik has supported my development over the years and taken some of my feedback into consideration in the development of the Studio Artist tools. Synthetik’s particular approach to blending creative interaction and intelligent assistance into the Studio Artist digital toolbox, has enabled me to intuitively explore an expansive, panoramic creative landscape. I’ve ridden Studio Artist like a wild mustang for over 10 years… it’s taken me places I could have never imagined going. It’s given me the power to direct the creative journey, but it’s also taught me to trust and let go of the reins when appropriate.


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BBC (animation for mini-series “Gory Greek Gods”)
FIN RECORDS (music videos, “China, My China”, “Apocalypse Cow”)
GEORGE R. BROWN CONVENTION CENTER (abstract animation for multiple plasma screens)
DAVID HAHN (music video, “Apocalypse Cow”)
INFINITI MOTORS (corporate meeting animated I.D.)
LIFE LONG FRIENDS PRODUCTIONS (Shadows Fall music video)
MARTIN BRINKERHOFF ASSOCIATES (multimedia elements for Azzurra, Honda, Kia, Korn/Ferry)
MIROJOY GROUP (“Zagreb Everywhere” multimedia piece)
OAKLAND CULTURAL AFFAIRS & MARKETING (animation for large scale projection: “The Great Wall of Oakland”)
OAKLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (animation for 24/7 Media Wall in terminal 2)
SCREENPLAY INC (in store animation for Bon-Macy’s, Blockbuster, Steve Madden, Wet Seal)
PATTI O’BRIEN (web design and graphics)
SYNTHETIK SOFTWARE INC (animation examples for their website, training, software tester)
THE DIVING BELL (music video, “China, My China”)
VERRIERES & SAKO (fashion runway animation)
VICTORY MEDIA NETWORK (several pieces for the American Airlines Center super media wall)

Victrolux Productions • Oakland, CA • ph.510.219.5410 • EMAIL

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